What my customers say

My wife bought a bunch of BC Buds Garlic pack from Summerhill winery. I've never been a fan of pack spices, but yours are fantastic.

Gregory Garrard

As a frequent RV traveller, I'm constantly on the lookout for quick easy meals that can be made in a small space yet still taste fantastic. BC Bud dinner spices are the perfect solution for cooking on the road. The bags are just the right size to fit in tiny spaces and store well. Just buying a large package of chicken and dividing up into portions allows us to have a different dinner every night. Nice, tasty and easy! I make sure we always travel well stocked with these great spices.

Trisha Sherman

Have to tell you I was in a twist trying to decide which curry to make yesterday, ha!

Ended up making the Lemon Moroccan with lamb & eggplant and used cilantro instead of parsley!!!!
Could not have been better. Also used beef broth to go better with the meat.

Your Garlic farm is your gold mine!

Karen Penner

Trying the garlic mushroom chops! It smells sooooo good. I love all my BC Bud's garlic mixes.

Lori Decola

I bought two package of your granulated garlic. It is so easy to use I sprinkle it on everything, best garlic Ever! so strong, I just place another order. Love the vacuum seal bags it keeps it so potent.

Louise German

Made the Moroccan chicken dinner it was delicious! Love that all your product is gluten free.

Heidi Elliott

I bought your Sloppy Joes it was GREAT!! You have three new fans.

Katy Quevillon

After trying adding the Garlic Moroccan Dinner to my home dip; I thought that was the best combination ever!!!!

Now I use the BC Buds Garlic products in all my dishes and everybody loves it.

Patrick Bouché